SPIDER The Spider Objects

  EXTRACT(A, SUBFIELD [,DIM]) extract and group subfields from child objects
     SGE support
   ---- preprocess adding children calls each time there isn't one!!! --
   ---- preprocess adding children calls each time there isn't one!!! --
          [tstRes, algo, trnRes] = traintest(algo, trnData, tstData [, loss])
  <<-----unspecified loss ------>>
 algorithm is both a directory and a function.
     ALGORITHM algorithm object      
     An algorithm with given hyperparamters is constructed.
     All algorithms will inherit these hyperparamters resp. option settings.
     Hyperparameters/Option Settings (with defaults):
         training_time=0                   -- cputime needed for training is taken
         trained=0                         -- true, if a model has been learnt
         do_not_retrain=0                  -- determines if the algorithm has to
                                              be retrained (useful for param)
         use_prev_train=0                  -- determines if previous model shall
                                              be used (e.g. param objects don't need retraining)
         do_not_evaluate_training_error=0  -- selfexplanatory (speed up computation)
         use_signed_output=1               -- true if sign after output
                                              shall be taken
         verbosity=1                      -- verbosity level 
         is_data=0                        -- true if object is considered as data 
         alias=[]                         -- alternative names for this
                                          -- accessing members, e.g can do:
                                             a.p1=5; a.p2=ones(1,10);
         deferred = []; 
    train,test                            -- selfexplanatory