SPIDER The Spider Objects

BAGGING object

   A=bagging(A,H) returns a bagging object initialized with algorithm A and
                  hyperparameters H.
   Bagging trains BAGS classifiers on resamplings with replacement of the data
   of size M.  The final classifier is the averaged classifier.
   For classifiers that output a real-valued output in pattern recognition this
   gives you the choice of performing the average before or after taking the
   You can also use the bagging object to average the results of already
   trained classifiers, simply define BAGGING(A) where A is a GROUP of
   Hyperparameters (with defaults)
     child=svm            -- the algorithm to bag
     bags=10              -- the number of times to bag
     m=500                -- the number of points to sample for each bag
                             (can also be a fraction of the training data)
      a1=svm; a1.C=10;
      a=bagging(a1); a.bags=10; a.m=20;
      [r a]=train(a,toy2d);

Reference : Bagging Predictors
Author : Leo Breiman
Link : http://citeseer.lcs.mit.edu/breiman96bagging.html