SPIDER The Spider Objects

GRIDSEL model selection object via grid search

   A=GRIDSEL(A,H) returns a gridsel object initialized with  
   algorithms A and hyperparameters H.   
   Finds the best of the algorithm from the set A, and trains  
   and stores that model.  
    a.child=A                -- methods to evaluate  
    a.loss='class_loss'      -- loss measure to use  
    a.score=cv('folds=5')    -- method of evaluating algorithms  
    a.scores=[]        score of all of methods tried  
    a.best_score=[]    score of best methods tried   
    a.best_index=[]    index of best methods tried   
    a.best=[]          learnt model of best method tried   
     train 3 svms with C=1,2,3 and validate with 3 fold cross validation
   [r,a]=train(gridsel(param(svm,'C',[1,2,3]),{'score=cv;score.folds=3'}),gen(toy)) ;
    train, test