SPIDER The Spider Objects

Normalization object - simple normalization of data

   A=NORMALIZE(H) returns a normalize object initialized with hyperparameters H. 
    Performs different kinds of pre-processing on data.  
    Hyperparameters, and their defaults
    a.scale_type=0    -- 0: do nothing,   
                         1: columns have mean 0, std 1
                         2: rows have mean, std 1
    		                3: try to do do both 1 & 2
                         4: scale by correlation coefficients
    a.sigmoid=0       -- yes or no, scale features nonlinearly through a
                         sigmoid, i.e f(x)=tanh(sig*x) 
    Model parameters
     mean_vec         -- threshold vectors  
     scale_vec        -- scaling factors
     sig              -- sigmoid steepness parameter
     corr             -- correlation coefficients

doc normalize