SPIDER Naming Conflict Download

Downloading naming conflict fix

The spider library uses common names for its objects: knn, svm, etc.. which are also used by other libraries (e.g. NetLab). This makes it difficult to install spider objects along with other available libraries without name conflicts. To fix this problem, Rodrigo Fernandez (rodrigoandres.fernandezm@tin.it) has written two scripts in python that add to all spider objects the prefix 'sp_'.

Download parserspider.py here.
Download parserspiderfiles.py here.

Installation instructions:
After downloading the files, perform the following steps:

1) put the files in the installation directory of the spider
2) run parsespider.py (python 1.7 or later is required)
3) run parsespiderfiles.py (python 1.7 or later is required)
4) check everything by typing 'help spider' in matlab

These scripts have been tested for Windows.