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PoEdges Matlab code

You can download the Matlab code used to obtain the results here. This code builds up with permission on the BLS-GSM code from Javier Portilla which is also available online on his website. To install the code you first have to download and install the MatlabPyrTools toolbox from Eero Simoncelli. After downloading, unzip the file and check the sampleRun.m for a description of how to use the software.

Download the PoEdges denoiser code (910kB)

The benchmark images we used for the experiments are available in some different versions. The images used in the experiments were obtained from Javier Portillas website where also the origins of the images are specified. (Read about it here.)

Download all of the images (810kB)

or each image (Lena,Barbara,House,Peppers,Boat,Fingerprint)

We make use of the efficient repmat implementation from Tom Minka. It is worth to download and install his lightspeed package.

Peter Gehler    http://www.kyb.mpg.de/~pgehler

Max Welling     http://www.ics.uci.edu/~welling/

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